Oriente Life Invencivel Classic Gloss 500 ml (16.4 fl oz)Sale!

Oriente Life Invencivel Classic Gloss Hair Straightening, 16.4 fl oz

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For voluminous hair, super straight hair and active pro-biotics. Formaldehyde-free keratin treatment.

The Orient Life Invincible classic brush promotes structural hair change by controlling frizz. With argan oil that promotes optimal hydration.

How to use:

Before starting treatment, you should wash your hair using anti-residue shampoo, massaging it gently. Ideally, you should shampoo at least twice to make sure the impurities have been effectively eliminated. Then rinse the hair well so that no remnant of the shampoo is left. Dry your hair without rubbing it hard and dry it thoroughly with a blow dryer. Divide your hair into 4 parts: top of the head, bottom and both sides with the help of hairpins.

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Weight 16.4 oz