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Keratin Application

  1. Wash hair with Deep Cleansing shampoo (Step 1), twice for chemically treated hair, 3 times for virgin hair.
  2. Blow dry hair without combing or brushing until hair is 100% dry. High heat can be used.
  3. Section hair in 4 parts. With a color brush apply the Keratin (Step 2) as if you would hair color. With a fine tooth comb, comb each section to remove any excess product.
  4. With a paddle brush or a vented brush dry hair using a blow dryer on cool setting. Do not focus on straightening the hair, just drying the product. Make sure you are in a ventilated area.
  5. Section hair in 4 parts with a ceramic or porcelain flat iron that heats up to 450º F. Repeat smoothing action 5 to 6 times until hair is shiny and smooth.
  6. Section hair in 4 parts. Using gloves apply the mask (Step 3). Comb through and massage the hair scalp; leave in product for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water to seal the treatment.
  7. Dry hair with a paddle brush. You can use a flat iron on ends for desired style, high heat can be used. Your hair is now shiny, healthy and ready. You may shampoo in 24 hours.

Before and After Photos

Keratin Treatment Results

Simply Brasil Keratin is a revolutionary hair treatment to reduce volume, and eliminate frizz, leaving your hair naturally straight, healthy and shiny. And you can wash your hair the next day!

Simply Brasil Keratin contains essential amino acids and natural emollients to intensively restore fragile hair, promoting an ultra moisturizing gloss with a perfect natural effect. For all hair types.