Oriente Life Luz Interior Volume Control Finishing Fluid, 4.06 fl oz

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ORIENTE LUZ INTERIOR finishers product line includes high quality products that make all the difference when finishing and add value to the beauty professional’s work.

Luz Interior volume control finishing fluid is a high performance, multifunctional product designed to promote volume reduction and hair styling through thermal activation. It contains the exclusive OL Defrizz® that mixes keratin, bioenzymes and last generation polymers to provide a temporary straight effect or long-lasting style. It leaves the hair with an intense shine, malleable and silky. It forms a water-resistant film, prolonging the durability of the desired hair style.

  • Volume reduction, styling control
  • 4.06 fl oz (120 ml)
  • Made in Brazil

Oriente Life Luz Interior product line covers all products destined to finalization, with the purpose of obtaining results of extreme visibility and reliability. By using different actives and advanced technology, this product line delivers remarkable results and impresses any professional at each application.

How to use:

Apply Luz Interior volume control finishing fluid on clean and wet hair. Straighten, brush or use hair dryer to get the desired style.

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Weight 4.06 oz