Oriente Life Liso Viver Argan Black 1000 ml (33.8 fl oz)Sale!

Oriente Life Liso Viver Argan Black Keratin, 33.8 fl oz

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Oriente Life’s Liso Viver Argan line has been specially formulated for effective and safe hair position. It contains the exclusive OL Lizz® that combined with argan oil leaves nourished, soft and smooth-looking hair.

How to use:

Clean – Apply shampoo on damp hair. Massage to abundant foam. Rinse. If necessary, repeat application. Dry hair by aligning the hair strands with your hands. TIP: Remove at least 90% of the moisture from hair.

Seal – Apply Argan Liso Viver sealer with the help of a brush, all over the hair, from the root to the tips, strand by strand. With a fine comb straighten the hair. Let stand for 30 to 35 minutes. TIP: Hair should be more than 90% dry.

Smooth – Adjust the temperature of the flat iron as follows: natural light/dark hair – 190 to 200 degrees Celsius, light/dark chemically treated hair – 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. Pass flat iron over small sections at a time about 8-12 times for the full length of the hair. With the help of a fine comb, keep the hair straight. After straightening all hair, allow to cool for 10 minutes. TIP: The more the hair is straightened, the smoother and more durable the result. The smaller the hair sections, the better the result. Hair thickness will determine the how many times you should apply the flat iron.

Rinse – Rinse hair until about 70% to 80% of product is removed. TIP: During the rinse, a small amount of the Orient Life Luz Interior strengthening mask can be used to ensure greater elasticity and softness of the hair.

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Weight 33.8 oz